Revamply embedcode is a few lines of code generated by our editor, it contains all the changes you made in your website. To make these changes affective on your live site, you have to copy this embedcode and paste it in the page source of your webpage which you edited in our editor. The best practice is to paste this embedcode in the <head> tag of the page. But If you dont have access to head or somehow you cant find it, you can paste it anywhere in the <body> tag and save your page, thats it. Now you can see the changes on your live webpage which you made in our editor.

Note that Embed code has to be added on the same page which you edited. Make sure you copy the code of the page that you just edited. 

Watch it here:

Follow these steps to add Revamply Embed Code on your Webpage:

Step 1: Go to dashboard and add a webpage that you want to edit

Step 2: Go to site editor and make edits to your page as you like and once done hit Publish

Step 3: As soon as you Hit Publish a popup will appear. As shown below:

Step 4: Copy the embed code either manually or with Copy Code button. 

Step 5: Once copied open your website's page that you are editing on Revamply via a html editor like dreamviewer, brackets, cpanel code editor, wordpress editor or any page builder you use.

Step 6: Paste the embed code on your website's page either on head tag or on body tag. 

Example of where to insert the code.
 ... your website's head content ...
 Revamply code goes here

If you are unable to find head tag like shown above, you can paste the revamply code in the body tag as well 

 ..... your website content ....
Revamply code goes here

Step 7: Once pasted go back to Revamply editor and the popup and click on Yes, I added the code. 

Step 8: Popup will verify the code if its present or not on the page and if yes it will go ahead and show you a success message.

Step 9: Thats it. Once verified you have successfully integrated Revamply with your web page. Now simply go ahead and click publish from Revamply editor and all changes will go live on your live page.

Step 10: You can also later come back to Revamply editor anytime and make changes and hit publish and changes will go live. 

I am unable to see the popup anywhere. What to do?

If you are unable to see popup when clicking on Publish anymore, not to worry. You can still copy the embed code from dashboard or from the editor from the top drop down:


Once you click on this option the embed code will be copied to your clipboard and you can follow the same steps mentioned above to embed the code onto your web page.

For Wordpress Users:

There are 2 ways you can use this on Wordpress Sites.

1) Adding Embed Code Manually 

In order to edit any wordpress page or post, you can simply add that page on revamply, edit it via site editor and hit publish and in the popup you will get the embed code. Just copy this embed code and paste it in your Wordrpess Text editor for that page which you just edited like this:

2) Adding Pages Using Wordpress Plugin (Only for Pro Users)

Here is how to use Wordpress Plugin:

Hope that helps!